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07.31.14 8

Today, I’m a #Ninja

07.31.14 6

Nothings better then shooting on location. Especially on a nice sunny day on a beach. @truworthsfashion

07.30.14 6

Posing #botanical

07.29.14 15

Excuse my French. I do it for the art

07.29.14 9

Fast forward a few Months and I’m shooting with @davekabamba again. This time for @truworthsfashion in #gordonsbay (at Gordon’s Bay Beach)

07.28.14 14

@davekabamba and I for #adidasoriginals South Africa

07.28.14 16

Breaking Seb

07.28.14 6

Ahhhh… Real Monsters!

07.27.14 14

Back in #capetown hi

07.26.14 13

Big hand or very very tiny cupcake?

07.26.14 15

Texts, hugs and #rock’n’roll @nick_haddow @lors_loves @shaerenmckenzie @mcarthurglengroup @andrewdav1s x

07.25.14 14

@caleomag shot by #LouisDanielBotha for the #caleomag The Reverse Issue - OUT NOW! www.caleomagazine.com @glitcheapp @puremodelssa

07.24.14 11

You can be what ever you want, just don’t be a…

07.23.14 18

They see me #rollin’ and #ridin’

07.23.14 13